Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Hope you all are doing great, I know some of you have wondered where I had gone to and things have been really hectic lately and doing my nails have felt like a chore rather than something fun and enjoyable. But things are starting to slow down I think, and hopefully nails and blogging will feel fun again :)

Today I have a blue(?) beauty for you guys, looks more lilac in my eyes but her name is Beth's Blue and she comes from Models Own. Maybe Beth is color blind? Or maybe I am, judge for yourselves!

Models Own Beth's Blue

I'm almost embarrased to post this picture, look at my cuticles they're in dire need of some TLC but this colour was great and I had to show it to the world. It's a gorgeous and light colour, very wearable. The best thing about this polish though, it was a one coater and the formula was great, thick but still easy to work with.
I've gotten loads of new polishes while I was MIA which I will show to you soon, it's too much for me to photograph and post in one day. Please bear with me!
Thursday, March 11, 2010

NOTD: H&M Bella's Choice

I wore this beauty for 3 days and I didn't want to take it off! This colour made me truly happy, it's so bright, pretty and cheerful, LOVE IT!

H&M Bella's Choice

This is a super pretty and bright turquoise creme, it's leaning a tiny bit more to the green side than I managed to capture on camera but still pretty close to reality. The application was pretty bad, it was streaky, the brush bristles were kind of hard but after 3 coats and a thick coat of Poshé it looked smooth and even. This colour is totally worth it though, I already feel like wearing it again cause it made me so happy. That's all I had for you today! :)
Thursday, March 4, 2010

NOTD: Isadora Vintage Mint

On my way home from work yesterday I stopped by H&M and I found this beauty, and I just had to have it! It the most perfect mint green I own, it's one tone lighter than in the picture. Lighter than Claire's Dream Catcher and definitely more green than Essie Mint Candy Apple and Eyeko Vintage. It's just lovely!

Isadora Vintage Mint

This gorgeous mint green seem to be a part of the Isadora spring collection, I normally don't buy Isadora cause I think their colours are boring, normally a bunch of reds and pinks, and you get very little polish for the money, 6ml for roughly $11, but I couldn't pass this one up! Definitely a must have for me, especially after being a little dissapointed in all the blue toned mint "greens". This is three thin coats and the application was interesting. First coat was streaky but it got better and smoother with more coats, what was interesting though is their brush. It says Wide Brush on the bottle and they weren't kidding! Imagine OPI's Pro Wide Brush and add 50% to that. It's wide, kind of long and thick and full! I could easily cover a whole nail in one stroak but the way the brush was shaped made it a little hard to get a nice curve around the cuticles. I also ended up fanning the brush a bit too much sometimes and got polish outside of the nail. Took a little clean up after I was done, but maybe with practice I'll learn to use their brush. Overall I'm happy with the polish, and the colour was a nice surprise for an Isadora!
Wednesday, March 3, 2010

NOTD: China Glaze Coconut Kiss and Foil Fail Question

Today I'm wearing this beatuy from China Glaze. A gorgeous medium purple that looks lit from within and super shiny on the nails. Love it!

China Glaze Coconut Kiss

It took 3 super thing coats to get it opaque. I tried doing thicker coats but as the formula is really runny I got a lot of polish pooling around my cuticles, other than that the formula is nice and pigmented. It's a warmer purple than the picture shows, you all know how cameras tend to hate purple and won't photograph it correctly.

I have a question for you readers. I did my first attempt with nail foils earlier this week, and it was a disaster! A real foil fail! I had no issues applying them at all, and they looked great at first then after a while they started to go a bit matte so I slapped on some Poshé on 2 nails to get the shine back and the foil started cracking and lost all of the holo effect it was supposed to have. I then decided to leave the rest of the nails as they were without topcoat. In just a matter of hours they looked worn, I had MASSIVE tipwear and they just looked horrible, almost like the foil had turned sticky and was peeling off. I followed the instructions that came with the foils and it didn't say anything about topcoat or what to do after applying the foils.
Any ideas? Does a regular slow drying topcoat work better with foils than a fast drying? Or is there a trick on how to apply and wear foils without topcoat?
I was really dissapointed cause the foils look great and I keep seeing great foil mani's on other blogs. Would love some help from someone with more foil experience :)

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