Friday, February 19, 2010

NOTD: China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic

Today I have a lovely blue-green duo chrome for you guys, Rodeo Fanatic by China Glaze. I bought this bottle AGES ago but I haven't worn it and I don't know why. Once I had applied it I just LOVED the colour!

China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic

This is a blue shimmer with a slight green duochrome, I tried to capture it in the picture but I don't know if I was all that successful. The purple flash you see in the bottle is just not there in reality, not on the nail nor in the bottle. This colour makes me think of scarabs, I wish I owned a real scarab coloured duochrome polish, but this is the closest I get with whats in my collection. It applied like a dream, took 2 coats for it to be opaque and it wasn't as runny as blue shimmers tend to be. I took the picture pre-cleanup but I can tell you that clean up also was easier than normal for a blue polish, no smurf fingers!

As you might have noticed the rate of my posting have dropped lately and it's cause of multiple reasons. Some personal reasons but also I'm working on a new blog/website, as I'm planning on moving to my own domain sometime in the near future. There's only so many hours in a day and I try my best to get the everyday things done, work on the new site and still do my nails and blog here. Just bear with me and hopefully I'll get back to my normal posting once the new website is up and running.


Paige said...

Ooo, lovely color!

polishedlyrics said...

Gorgeous! I have this too and for some reason I haven't wore mine either.

Michelle said...

Wow! Stunning polish and great nails! :)

Unknown said...

Whoa. This belongs in the category 'how could I not have known about this.' Amazing colour.

Unknown said...

I am so bad...this is still sitting in my untrieds!

Daniela said...

Great color :O

yardsticks 4 lunatics said...

Whoa Nellie! Again, I have given up buying new polishes for Lent.....37 days - I think I can make it....
This is so pretty!

Emelie said...

I didn't know it was duo-chrome. But it looks stunning :)

Solveig said...

Wow, this is gorgeous! Why haven't I got this?! :D

Gejba said...

I just got this shade. You can see purple shimmer in my bottle. I still haven't tried it on nails though.

Unknown said...

This color is beautiful..I need to add it to my GROWING lemming list :)

Anonymous said...

wow, great colour! your nails look lovely too

polishedprude said...

This color is GOR-GEOUS! I absolutely love it on you.

MCA said...

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great. I like it^^. I will find this color.:X

phuong said...

I like it,too.
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Unknown said...

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lovely, fantastic, love your stuff.

darkhung said...

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