Thursday, February 4, 2010

Poll and a little Request

Hi everyone!
Hope you're all having a good day! I'm feeling productive, lots of posts today, 3 so far, whew! I have a poll going in the sidebar. Since I've had no motivation for nail art lately I thought maybe it'd be fun to do a nail art contest for inspiration and maybe get some new ideas. I wanted to check on the response from your readers first to see if there's even an interest in one, so please place your vote :) Also feel free to come with suggestions for themes and prizes for such a contest!

I also have a little request, to anyone who happens to live close to a Claire's. Like many others I read Brookes blog, Getcha Naild Did and recently she posted the most fantastic mini collection from Claire's with bright pastels and I NEED it! I'm also on the hunt for Claire's Dream Catcher as I completely missed out on Chanel Jade. So, is anyone out there interested in maybe doing a swap, or could help me shop for them and ship them over here? Pretty please *puppy eyes* If you are willing to do this, please send me an e-mail!

EDIT: I found someone to swap me get the polishes I wanted, BIG thank you to everyone who offered to help. You all ROCK!


Halifax said...

I have seen Dream Catcher at Claire's but didn't pay much attention to the minis, can't say for sure we have the pastels. Claire's price is better in the US, but if you don't mind Canadian price, I can help you get the stuff :-)

L said...

Im going to the mall today. I'll look and see if they have it.

Kirsten (The Dutch Nail Blog) said...

I like to look at entries for contests and nail-art pics in general but I hardly ever enter one myself. I think it's a great idea though! Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Anonymous said...

I'll swap if you want to. I was heading to the mall tomorrow, so let me know if those are the only ones you want :)

rijaH said...

Im not much of a nailart girl, well not yet at least :P Dont have the proper tools for it and Im waiting for my konad inspiration to come crawling :P

Arie said...

I haven't been at the mall lately, the weather is bad here.
But I will try to go Sat. see if my local claire's has it! :)

Arie said...

okis,good to hear you are going to get them!
you are welcome! ;)

MCA said...

I like it!

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