Saturday, December 26, 2009

Nail Art: Birthday Manicure, Star Gradation

Hi guys!
Hope you all had a great christmas! I'm still wearing my birthday manicure. There's been alot of glitter gradations on blogs lately, the ones that start by the cuticles. Think they're so pretty and got really inspired by those but decided to try something different. I did Konad stars instead of glitter, there are a few things I would have done different if I'd do it again, but I was still happy with how it turned out.

I used the "star cluster" pattern from the m3 plate, but did one star at a time to get bigger ones at the top and then smaller ones towards the tip.

Used Viva la Diva #74 as the base and China Glaze Sci-Fi for the stars. These Khrome polishes are great for Konad!

I just broke a nail, like 2 minutes ago, trying to cut a tag off a pair of jeans I bought today. Completely missed it and cut into my thumb nail instead. It's not completely off so I'm not sure if I should try and fix it with a wrap or just file them all down. Love the lenght of my nails at the moment, they're my perfect comfort lenght but hate uneven nails and not a big fan of wraps. I'll have to think about it :(


Trincess said...

Such a delicate work! But the result is amazing =) Very well done! =)))

Anonymous said...

Nice mani! The electric blue colour is fab

gildedangel said...

Beautiful mani, I love it!

Lucy said...

Love your manicure. Beautiful shade of blue. Happy Birthday! I just broke a nail on Christmas Eve. I had uneven nails and just chopped all mine off. They are super short. I finally had long nails. Now it will take forever.

MinderMutsig (Kirsten) said...

Happy belated birthday!
Looks great! I love those gradient mani's too.

chocaddict said...

Well, happy belated birthday :)
It's a really gorgeous mani you're showing us here, the konad is simply perfect and I love that blue!
I don't know Viva La Diva cosmetics; what country are they from?

Pam said...

This is very pretty!!

Anna said...

@Trincess Thank you :)

@Kelly Thanks :)

@gildedangel Thankie :)

@Lucy Aww that's too bad :( That's why I couldn't bear to file mine down. Ended up fixing it with a wrap instead.

@Kirsten Thank you girl :) Btw, you've got mail!

@chocaddict Thank you so much! Viva la Diva is a Swedish drug store brand. They got some really nice colors and high quality but seems to only be available here :/

@Pam Thank you :)

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