Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nail Art: Christmasy!

Hi everyone!
I decided to do some nailart on yesterdays NOTD, and what is better on red nails than gold for a Christmas feel?
For this I used China Glaze passion with Konad m73, a thin striper brush and a dotting tool.
I really suck at using the striper brush, it's like it's too stiff and dont want to follow the line I want.
Not sure if I need a new brush or just practice :)

I love using the Romantique polishes with konad, they're really opaque and give crisp lines. Excuse the tipwear, been wearing Short and Sassy for a bit now.

China Glaze Short & Sassy and China Glaze Passion. And a very wrinkled background, any ideas on how to iron/straighten polyester? It's like it has a thin plastic coating on it and I'm afraid it'll melt :(

Special Guest Paw: Siri!

Thanks for reading!


Brooke said...

Ha ha at the kitty getting in on the picture!! Squeeze that little footy!

Love the mani, red and gold always look so good together I think.

PowerLifterChick said...


man i just LOVE this!

gildedangel said...

That is a beautiful design!

Shayla said...

Very pretty! It's weird that the red is showing up as kind of brown in this picture (at least on my monitor). Still very pretty, though!

And hello guest kitty paw!

Anna said...

@Brooke She's always curious about what I'm up to and has to interfere if she isn't getting enough attention :P

@PowerLifterChick Thank you! I get alot of my inspiration from your blog :D

@GildedAngel Thank you so much :)

@Shayla It is kind of brown'ish in some lights actually, not the regular red-red. Beautiful color :)

Sakara said...

very new to nail art...how on earth did you do the gorgeous pattern on those nails? transfers?

Anna said...

@Sakara I used Konad which is a stamping system, alot of fun and easy to work with. Check http://store.ocnailart.com for more info. There's also alot of youtube videos on how to use it. And blogs of course, have a few in my blogroll :)

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