Monday, December 21, 2009

WAAAH Awesome Overload!

Today I got a swap package from Kirsten from Een Minder Mutsig Nagelblog! My first ever swap and it was great! It started as a one bottle swap and totally got out of control with 10+ bottles going each way :P
Of course the mailman came like 5 minutes before I had to leave for work, so I haven't had time to play around with them yet. But here's pictures!

Nfu-Oh #52 and #55

P2 Glory, Dangerous and Rich

Essence All Access, Groovy and Most Wanted

Essence Spicy, Spotlight and Iced Chai Latte

Last but not least: Goodies!
Cuticle Oil, Lipgloss, Essence Stampy Kit and Dutch Babbelaars
which are hard butter candies, super yummy!

These are my first Nfu-Oh, P2 and Essence polishes so I'm super excited! They all look great! Thank you so much Kirsten! If you're curious to see what I sent her, click here! I'm definitely looking forward to hopefully doing more swaps in the future, had alot of fun!


MinderMutsig (Kirsten) said...

Oh your pics are great! I need to get a light box so I can make good pics too.

I'm glad you like everything!

Anna said...

@Kirsten I LOVED everything! Thank you! :D It's definitely worth it to get a light box, I got one of those foldable ones. Folds into a briefcase looking thing with pockets for the tripod, lamps etc. Wasn't all that expensive and the quality of my photos went up big time!

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