Monday, December 14, 2009

Haul Pic Spam

Exactly what the title says, just some picture spam of things that recently arrived in my mail box!

From Cherry Culture:

Milani Fairy Tale and Whimsical

L.A. Girl Turntable, Electric Guitar and Paparazzi

From ebay:
100 pots with various nailart items in 10 different colors.

WOO! Gonna have a lot of fun with this!


MaijuS said...

And who was the Ebay seller? ;)

Ninni said...

Those look lovely. Might take a while to try them out :)

gildedangel said...

Sweet haul!

Leanne said...

Ooh! Could you please let us know who the eBay seller was? I'm addicted to buying nail art stuff at the moment.

Anna said...

@ Leanne and MaijuS The ebay seller was electronichomesland from Hong Kong, the whole set of 100 pots was $24.99 with free shipping. A bargain! It did take about a month for the package to arrive and the items wasn't exactly what was in their pictures, seemed like you just got random items. But it was still well worth it, got lots of awesome stuff to play around with now!

L said...

I find that happens a lot with Hong Kong sellers. You look like you got a fun haul though!

Arie said...

Wow so many pretty things to play with :), nice.

Lucy said...

So many gorgeous colors of things to play with. I have the whole Rockstar collection. You picked out some lovely shades.

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