Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nail Art: Burberry Print

Hi guys!
I couldn't get myself to remove the gorgeous Nfu-Oh combo from yesterday, gonna leave it on til tomorrow, so instead I have some archive pictures for you. I have loads of old pre-blog nailart pictures so I figured why not post one of those? This is my take on the Burberry print on nails.

Burberry Print on Nails

Materials I used
L to R: My little mini franken, Burberry, I mixed especially for this manicure, No name nail art colours in Black, White and Red

Aaah! Look at my little nubbins! This picture is from late summer I believe, had much shorter nails back then. Keep seeing cute short nails on blogs and swatches and start to think that maybe I should file mine down too, but when I see these pictures I change my mind, this just isn't me.
For this manicure I started with 2 coats, I believe, of my very crappy and chunky franken. Then striped with the white colour, 2 lines going in each direction with just a small space between. Alternating doing the horizontal lines at the top and bottom of the nail. Filled in that space with a black stripe and added another one on the inside of the white lines. Finished by drawing the red lines and top it with Poshé. I'm surprised the lines look this good cause the brushes in these eBay nailart polishes are horrible. Some are short and thick, others long. Some have bristles sticking out in every possible direction and some are just bent. Ugh! Anywho, I can't decide if I like this design or if I just find it kind of cheesy.

What do you guys think?


chocaddict said...

I think it looks really pretty, but then again I've alays had a thing for the Burberry pattern :)
I think you did a real good job with both the lines and the frankened color.

Kirsten (The Dutch Nail Blog) said...

I think Thess is going to love this! She's a burberry freak!

I don't know, I think it's cute but it's not for me. You did a great job at it though!

L said...

This is cute! I was just thinking about doing Burberry print on my nails the other day. It'll have to wait though.

Unknown said...

Yep, Mimu is right! =D
Did mine with CG recycle background, loved it to bits!

Anonymous said...

Not a big burberry fan myself but you did a great job with this! I love the colour of the franken you made :)

Paige said...

That is gorgeous, I love it!

nihrida said...

This looks great.

Xuan-An said...

That's very pretty!

ainos2 said...

Very cool!

Rhea said...

really? i was pretty happy with the brushes of my nail star pens! except for the fact that 3 out of 48 were missing. but i think i got a pretty good set!

Solveig said...

What a great idea! Really stylish. :)
And I think your nails look really cute as shorties. :)

Michèle said...

I love it! And both lengths suit you well :)

rijaH said...

You hit the burberry style just right :D Love it! :D

Unknown said...

That looks lovely!

Piia Õ. said...

oh wow ! I'm a huge burberry junkie, I wish I could have such great nails:)

p.s. check out the giveaway on my blog :)

Anonymous said...

2 words; LOVE IT ! <333

UVdryer said...

Simple but cute!

Kamen said...

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