Friday, January 1, 2010

Viva la Diva Fall 2008 Swatches

Viva la Diva is a Swedish drugstore brand. A brand I didn't care much for until recently, always thought Swedish drugstore brands were expensive for drugstore brands :P But Viva la Diva's quality is surprisingly good and they have a wide range of colors and finishes. This specific collection came out for Fall 2008, but I didn't pick them up until recently. It's discontinued but one store in town still had a few bottles left! Woo! They're more expensive than most brands you can find at e-tailers but cheaper than buying those name brands at the stores here. Nail polishes and make-up is generally expensive in Sweden, so I guess these are "cheap" considering.
This collection consist of 6 colors, conviniently named 1 through 6. I did some quick one finger swatches, and why am I showing you this now you might ask? You'll find out in my next post! ;)

Viva la Diva Fall 2008 #1
This is a light dusty, greyed out purple. Super pretty colour. Really pigmented, it was opaque in 2 thin coats, probably would have been fine with only 1 thicker coat.

Viva la Diva Fall 2008 #2
Muted army green colour, looks a bit olive green in brighter lighting. Used 2 thin coats, for shorter nails or if you do thicker coats 1 coat will suffice. One of my favourites of this collection.

Viva la Diva Fall 2008 #3
Dusty, muted pink. It looks "pig pink" in the bottle, didn't think I would like this at all but on the nail it dried to a darker, more dusty pink which is much more flattering. Took only 1 coat to be opaque, I like!

Viva la Diva Fall 2008 #4
Medium, dusty grape purple. Really pretty, don't own a color like this and I dont know why! I seem to only buy lilac cremes, and purple shimmers but no real purple cremes. I've been missing out, this is gorgeous! This was 2 coats but just as the rest of the collection, 1 thick coat probably would had been enough.

Viva la Diva Fall 2008 #5
This is another gorgeous purple creme, #4's darker sister. Not quite as dark as in the pictures, but a very dark purple. Looks purple in all lights though, not black as dark cremes have a tendency to do. Used 2 thin coats but 1 thick probably would have done the job.

Viva la Diva Fall 2008 #6
Dusty, tan, nude colour. Another one of my favourites. It gets a grey tone in some lights, it's really pretty if you like nudes. Bet this is gorgeous as a base for some Konad. Very work appropriate but still not boring. This was a bit more chunky than the rest of the colors as you can tell in my picture, maybe it's just my bottle, gonna add some thinner to it before I use it next time. I'm sure a topcoat would even it out, but I did all the swatches without and didn't want to do this one different. Used 2 coats but 1 would be enough if you're careful while applying.

I like this whole collection, they're all really pigmented, the colours are super pretty and perfectly dusty. Could work both in the spring and the autumn. The few cons are that they're only available as mini bottles (but since they're so pigmented you wont need to use as much for a mani) and their names, I guess it makes sense to call them 1 to 6, Viva la Diva name all of their polishes by numbers. But they already have those numbers on other colours in their core collection, might get confusing. The biggest con is probably that it's discontinued and pretty much impossible to find now, I bet it would sell well as full size bottles in the core collection!


Paige said...

Great swatches, those colors look gorgeous!

chocaddict said...

oh dear that's a shame they're only available in Sweden for they all look absolutely great!
thanks for sharing those pictures :)

Anna said...

@gildedangel Thanks, I love this collection!

@chocaddict I've heard that from quite a few people. But I'm giving everyone a chance to win them in my giveaway!

Kirsten (The Dutch Nail Blog) said...

Oooh maybe I should have gotten more of those in the swap! The purple is gorgeous!

Great swatches, thanks!

lm said...

These are beautiful, rich subtle colors!

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good! I love them

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