Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Story About the Missing Followers Box!

I have been recieving e-mails from readers who are unable to follow my blog, so I thought it would be a good idea to make a post about it to explain it and try to solve it for you guys.
The problem is when the followers box (located in the right most column, named Other Nail Nerds) either go missing completely or will load as an empty white box, sometimes it'll even load a part of an ad which is not supposed to be there!
It can look something like this:

Using latest version of Mozilla Firefox

If this is happening to you, note what browser you are using. It seems to only happen in older versions of various browsers and in Firefox (doesn't matter which version here). The easiest fix is to install and use the latest version of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome and you shouldn't have any problems viewing my site. I know Firefox had some issues in their latest update, maybe something that affects this, so I hope that soon there won't be any problems using that browser either.
This is what it should look like:

Using latest version of Internet Explorer

I know which script is the "bad guy" and interfers with the follower box, but I do not know why it would not display correctly, why it's only the followers box that is affected by it or why some browsers have no problems with it while others do. I have been trying different things to try and solve this but so far I've got nothing. I'll keep trying, but updating your browser might still be a good idea!
If you find any other problems on my site, please let me know so I can get right on to fixing it, try to anyway :P


Unknown said...

Got the latest version of firefox and it does not work!

Unknown said...

I should get glasses... hahahhaa
Because that is what you've expained...

Anna said...

@Thess Hahaha, it happens ;)

Rita said...

yea... i'm using firefox and doesn't work :S

Anonymous said...

Firefox is strange, some websites just never work in it. Hopefully you find the solution soon :)

Arie said...

I love firefox , that's way I changed(because with Internet Explorer had the same issues). But this is desapointing I hope they fixed soon.

ainos2 said...

Strange...I'm using Firefox, the other nail nerds box is empty, but I *am* getting your posts on my Dashboard.

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