Tuesday, January 19, 2010

NOTD: China Glaze Octa Gone Wild

Hi guys!
This weekend has been super hectic, and I didn't manage to get anything done which means no Orly swatches yet =( But I've got tomorrow off work so I'm gonna try and get all of them done in the morning. Today I'm wearing an "old classic", kind of, Octa Gone Wild from China Glaze's Kaleidoscope collection. The only colour I own from that collection, and I regret not buying the rest. Think a few colours are still available at some e-tailers though.

China Glaze Octa Gone Wild

China Glaze Octa Gone Wild -low light

China Glaze Octa Gone Wild - Bottle

This is the holographic collection that came out before China Glaze's OMG collection, if you compare the two Kaleidoscope has bigger holographic particles versus OMG who is much more fine. They both have that real holographic finish though, it's not just holo glitter or shimmer in a coloured base. It is super interesting to look at, you can see the holo effect even in low light but it's in sunlight or direct light this polish really pops. It applied smoothly and I didn't have any problem with dragging when appyling multiple coats, like some have experienced with holo polishes. By the time I got to the last nail on the hand the first one was already dry enough to apply next coat. After 2 coats some nails were opaque while others weren't so I did 3 coats on all. Would probably have been enough with 2 if I had applying more even coats. I topped it off with Poshé as I always do, some say topcoat lessen the holo effect but that isn't anything I have noticed. At first when you apply the topcat it will lessen, but as soon as it's fully dry all that holo goodness is back again and I need topcoat or I'd have all nails chipped within 15minutes at work :P


MissMarlboro said...

It's superb! Just a question.. I've seen your from Sweden.. where do you buy China Glaze here in Europe at a good price? (I'm italian ^_^)

nihrida said...


Solveig said...

Ooooh, it's so beautiful! I love holos!

Anonymous said...

That's a gorgeous polish! I must add some Holographic n/p to my collection :)

Michèle said...

I wear top coat over Holo's too, i NEED the shine! :-D

This one's gorgeous!

Kirsten said...

I love the Kaleidoscope collection. Beatiful!

PBI again @MissMarlboro :P Check www.transdesign.com

gildedangel said...

That is a gorgeous color, wow!

Anonymous said...

I have this, and I haven't worn it yet. I need to.

Anna said...

@MissMarlboro I don't buy them in Europe :D I 2nd Kirsten, www.transdesign.com is the place to shop. A China Glaze in Sweden is €14 ($20), buying it online from the US it's $2.60. HUGE difference even with the added shipping!

@Nihrdia & Solveig I agree, I absolutely love this!

@Kelly You should, no collection is complete without holo's! Though my collection will never be complete anyway, but that's besides the point! :P

@Michéle Yeah, I can't wear any polish with topcoat! I NEED my poshé!

@Kirsten Me too, I wish I owned the whole collex.

@gildedangel I think so too, it might be my favourite purple holo

@Ange-Marie Yes, you do! I had this in my untrieds until now and I can't figure out why?! It's so pretty!

MissMarlboro said...

I can see it indeed! Where do you find the shipping more convenient if i can ask?

Anna said...

@MissMarlboro I normally go with a small flat-rate box from transdesign.com, it cost $18 and fits 9 fullsize bottles of polish. So adding $2 on each bottle it's still much less than half the price vs buying them in europe. It's fast too, normally get my order in about a week. They have more shipping info listed if you scroll down in your cart.

MissMarlboro said...

How do you do with the order? I mean, to do mine (on sunday) I had to check another shipping method to confirm my order and have a number for it. I also wrote small flat rate box on the comment, and sent them a mail telling this, with the payment.. but they haven't reply..

if you'd like to talk to me privately here's my mail: valeria.garbo@gmail.com

Alia Shardae said...

ooooooo! Pretty...I need to get some holos!!!!

chocaddict said...

I prefer the Kaleidoscopes to the OMGs because the holo particles are bigger...too bad I didn't realize that before most of the interesting one were sold out >.<
Octa Gone wild looks great on you, thanks for sharing :)

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